TWC Co-chairs

Jim Hendler
Tetherless World Professor of Computer and Cognitive Science, and the Assistant Dean for Information Technology and Web Science
Deborah McGuiness
Tetherless World Senior Constellation Chair and Professor of Computer and Cognitive Science


John Erickson
Director of Research Operations, Director of Web Science Operations
Kathy Fontaine
Sr. Research Scientist - AIRC, ITWS
Daniel M. Gruen
Sr. Research Scientist - IDEA
Jamie McCusker
Director, Data Operations - TWC, HEALS
Alice Mulvehill
Sr. Research Scientist - TWC
Paulo Pinheiro
Director, Data Ecosystem Ops - TWC, HEALS
Henrique Santos
Director, Semantic Applications - TWC
Oshani Seneviratne
Director, Health Data Research – HEALS

Research Staff

Project Administrator - TWC

RPI Faculty Collaborators

Kristen P. Bennett
Associate Director of the Institute for Data Exploration (IDEA) and Application and a Professor in the Mathematical Sciences and Computer Science Departments at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Jonathan Dordick
Institute Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering
Josh Draper
Lecturer, Center for Architectural Science and Ecology (CASE)
Robert Karlicek
Professor and Director, Center for Lighting Enabled Systems & Applications (LESA), Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering
Karyn Rogers
Associate Professor and Director, RARE
Mohammed J. Zaki
Professor, Computer Science

Administrative Staff

Sr. Business Administrator - IDEA
Administrative Coordinator - TWC
Administrative Coordinator (Interim) - TWC, E&ES
Administrative Coordinator - AIRC
Project Administrator – DAIC, IDEA & interim TWC

Graduate Students

Shruthi Chari
Graduate Research Assistant working on Explainable AI and Health Informatics
Ph.D. 2024
Jade Franklin
Ph.D. 2025
An image of Matthew Johnson
Ph.D. 2022
A picture of Inwon
PhD student
Emily Klein
Ph.D. 2023
Shweta Narkar
Ph.D. 2023
Sabbir M. Rashid
Ph.D. 2023
Profile picture
Research Assistant
Ph.D. 2025
Sola Shirai
Ph.D. 2024
Brenda Thomson
Ph.D. 2023

Undergraduate Students