Henrique Santos

Henrique Santos
Director, Semantic Applications - TWC
Email: oliveh@rpi.edu
Homepage: http://henriquesantos.org

Dr. Henrique Santos is the Director of Semantic Applications in the Tetherless World Constellation at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. His research focuses on knowledge representation, domain-specific reasoning, and explainable artificial intelligence. His expertise in conducting applied research has allowed his work to appear in top AI journals and conferences including Nature Machine Intelligence, IEEE Intelligent Systems, the International Semantic Web Conference, and the Extended Semantic Web Conference. Dr. Santos has led government sponsored research, including National Spectrum Consortium's Policy Development, and DARPA's Machine Common Sense.

Projects as Research Staff

Large generative AI models (LGAIMs), such as ChatGPT, GPT-4 or Stable Diffusion, are rapidly transforming the way we communicate, illustrate, and create.

ChatBS: A Context-aware LLM Exploratory Sandbox uses the OpenAI Completion API service (GPT-4-0613 model) to answer questions.

The Center for Health Empowerment by Analytics, Learning, and Semantics (HEALS) is a five-year collaboration between Rensselaer and IBM aimed at researching how the application of advanced cognitive computing capabilities can help people to understand and improve their own health conditions.

In 2019 the Human Health Exposure Analysis Resource (HHEAR) Data Center was established by NIEHS as a continuation of the CHEAR Data Center expanding to include health outcomes at all ages.