TITLE: "Exploring (digital) tools for academic note-taking and writing"
LEADER: Alexander (Sasha) Lutsevich
DATE: Weds, 09 Nov, 6p
LOCATION: Winslow 1140
KEYWORDS: Writing, digital tools, workflows

Posted Nov 07, 2022

Please join us Weds, 2 Nov (6p CII3206 and CII3211; pizza 5:30) as John Erickson leads a discussion and tour of the Rensselaer IDEA Campfire, a multi-user, collaborative, immersive visualization environment. The Campfire is a desk-height, 10-foot panoramic screen (the "Wall") and floor projection ("Floor") that users gather around and look into, maintaining contact with one another with no artificial or virtual barriers between themselves as they observe and engage with presentations and applications.

Posted Nov 02, 2022