SOLR-HADataC Configuration Environment

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SOLR-HADataC Supporting Software and Installation Document

This page contains pointers to pages containing the software components required for installing SOLR-HADataC instances. The link below points to the actual SOLR-HADataC Installation Guide published on Google Docs:


Required third-part software

SOLR 5.* collections are used as the main repository for measurements. SOLR 4.10.* collections are used as the main repository for RDF metadata. At the moment, we cannot use a single SOLR 5.* installation because SOLRDF is only available for SOLR 4.10.* (Lucene API inside SOLR is significantly different from version 4.10.* to 5.*).

Port 8983 is the default one for SOLR. When starting and stoping a SOLR instance, this is the assumed port. We use port 8983 for SOLR 5.* and port 7574 for SOLR 4.10.*. Port specification (-p) needs to be provided when starting or stopping SOLR 4.10.*.

HADataC Colletions

  • Github project:
  • Cloning the project:
    • git clone