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  1. open GIMP and open the base logo file for tw projects [Download]
  2. the base file will now be a layer called background.  Set background's Opacity to about 60%. +/- 1% isn't really visible to the eye
  3. open an existing logo and use the dropper tool to get the blue color of the words as your foreground color.  Otherwise the color is Hue:221 Saturation:60 Value:65 Red:66 Green: 98 Blue: 167
  4. The font I'm using is a pretty generic font called Sans Bold and the default size I use is 40 point.  You may have to use smaller point size for larger names.  I use Sans Bold because it's really easy to read and nothing fancy to get in the way.  If your not using GIMP you will probably have to just use Sans and then check a Bold option as GIMP lists normal, bold and italic versions of fonts as different fonts.
  5. Center the text trying not to cover up the "Atom" in the TWC logo in the background.  If one like try to have the bottom of text level with the center of said "atom" for visual interest.  Multi-line logos just use your intuition.  It's not hard, but if the positioning looks funny just tweak it.  Different letter combinations give different visual feels so even text of the same size might not feel centered in the same pixel location.
  6. go into Filters->Light and Shadow->Drop Shadow.  Set the X and Y offset to 2, the blur to 0 and Opacity to 100%.
  7. Goto SaveAs and save the logo with .png or what ever naming convention the website is using.
  8. you are done with this logo.  To make more remove both the text and the shadow layer (yes they are separate grrr) and go back to set 4.