Tetherless World Demos of Project and Research Work

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The following demonstration visualizations have been developed in collaboration between Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and NCI to show how to access, mash up and manipulate Linked Open Government Data (LOGD) for the population sciences:

We have, for anyone to try, a live demonstration of the SemantEco Annotator Project. The following is a demonstration that was given at the International Semantic Web Conference 2013 by Patrice Seyed.

Authors: Patrice Seyed, Katherine Chastain, Brendan Ashby, Yue Liu, Timothy Lebo, Evan Patton and Deborah McGuinness
Abstract: Generating useful RDF linked data is not a straightforward process for scientists using today’s tools. In this paper we introduce the SemantEco Annotator, a semantic web application that leverages community-based vocabularies and ontologies during the translation process itself to ease the process of drawing out implicit relationships in tabular data so that they may be immediately available for use within the LOD cloud. Our goal for the SemantEco Annotator is to make advanced RDF translation techniques available to the layperson.
Paper Download: Demonstration Paper
Poster Download: Demonstration Poster