Automated clusteRing Curriculum LearnIng Guided by Human Training (ARCLIGHT), is a classification engine capable of (1) automated discovery and characterization of objects and activities in multimedia data and (2) solicitation of input from human analysts to refine, correct, or update its internal knowledgebase. Using a novel combination of probabilistic transformers for feature discovery and object and activity recognition, Bayesian deep learning for novelty discovery, and knowledge graph technology, ARCLIGHT is capable of unsupervised characterization of objects’ attributes, affordances, and activities. BFC and RPI’s expertise in linguistics and cutting-edge natural language processing (NLP) and knowledge graph technology then enable ARCLIGHT to alert human analysts to uncertainty and introduce newly discovered features, and to process the analyst’s response to apply labels to objects and activities, update and correct relationships and hierarchies, and split categories to define new subtypes.

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