Wine Agent

The Tetherless World Wine Agent is a demonstration platform for a large variety of Semantic Web technologies in a rich domain and is derived from previous work in the field of reasoning systems.

The Wine Agent represents knowledge of wines and foods using ontologies described in the Web Ontology Language (OWL). When users make contributions to the Wine Agent, these contributions are encoded in RDF+XML using the classes and properties supplied by the Wine Agent to extend the underlying ontology. Therefore, users help enrich the ontology so that anyone can better capture the diverse nature of the domain. Our goal in the near future is to provide a demonstration for the purposes of advertising the agent as a tool for other individuals to use, both end users and data suppliers, in an effort to convince restaurant proprietors to encode their menus and wine lists as RDF+XML using the Wine Agent ontology. Having menus in this form would greatly increase the reach of the Wine Agent and Linked Data as a whole.

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