TWed Talk (01 Nov 2023): Brenden McCarthy on "No Metadata, No Future"

Posted October 27, 2023
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Twed Talk (01 Nov 2023): Brenden McCarthy on "No Metadata, No Future"
6p Winslow 1140
Pizza & stuff at 5:30p

TITLE: “No Metadata, No Future”
PRESENTER: Brenden McCarthy (Rensselaer Libraries)
WHEN: 6p, Weds, 01 Nov 2023 (pizza & salads at 5:30)
WHERE: Winslow 1140
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Librarians have been creating metadata for thousands of years, with the oldest extant system dating back to China in 473. The essentiality of metadata for the location and dissemination of information packages has not changed. But for how metadata is created and used, much has changed. This presentation will cover job responsibilities and the systems used for daily metadata operations at RPI Libraries-- including the OpenURL protocol, web-scale discovery, automation, and various metadata schema. It will also highlight some tools, scripts, and software (both open and proprietary) for wrangling/refining/ transforming data for compliance with global, national, and institute metadata encoding and descriptive standards. Finally, it will conclude by demonstrating some future directions for metadata at RPI libraries using Linked Open Data, the IIIF framework, and next generation library services platforms and digital asset management systems.

Brenden McCarthy is the Metadata Systems Librarian for the Rensselaer Libraries and works in the Technical Services Group. His work focuses on information systems, UX/UI and information seeking behaviors, metadata, and the semantic web.

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Pizza and salads are provided.

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