Topics in Knowledge Graphs

Course Description

This course will discuss emerging trends in research on semantic technologies, focusing on knowledge representation, management, and modeling, including applications of knowledge graphs and ontologies. This is a seminar course, not a lecture course. Students will give many presentations and lead discussions throughout the course that will help them to understand, conduct, and evaluate academic research while we discuss the emerging trends in semantic technologies. This course is intended to give students a foundation that will allow them to participate in leading edge semantics research and also provide students with an opportunity to produce a research survey. The research survey may serve as a foundation for a related work chapter of a thesis and can also serve as a way to fulfill the research qualifying examination requirement in the CS program. Participants will read relevant papers and learn how to critically review ontology and knowledge graph papers, as well as ontologies and knowledge graphs themselves. They will also use the review to propose a research topic in knowledge graphs that can serve as the basis for their dissertation research, or as an investigation within a project they are currently working on.

Professors: Deborah L. McGuinness, Jamie McCusker

Course Goals

Prepare students for research in knowledge graphs. Teach students how to: Read and find relevant research papers, Present research ideas, Synthesize material, Identify gaps in existing research, Critically review (as one might do for a publication venue) Develop a literature corpus for use in research.

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