Semantic Numeric Exploration Technology

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SemNExT is an open-source software system being developed through a collaboration between Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's Deptartment of Mathematical Sciences and the Tetherless World Constellation (TWC). The central goal of the system is to create a framework that can be used to integrate numeric and semantic datasets with minimal friction and to link the results of analyses through an internal ontology. Our motivating example for the initial incarnation of SemNExT uses a wide array of semantically-enhanced genetic datasets (such as Uniprot, the Unified Medical Language System, ReDrugS, and others) to garner new information about how genes are expressed in the cortical development cycle, and ultimately how this leads to the expression of various disorders. As our work progresses, we hope to create a package that can be reused and generalized to any application of interest to the user.

Source code (private): Github
Meeting notes: Google Drive
Demonstration: SemNExT live demo


Principal Investigators: Kristen Bennett and Deborah McGuinness
Co-Investigators: Elisabeth Brown, Hannah De Los Santos, Matthew Poegel, Thomas R. Kiehl, Evan W. Patton, Sally Temple, Nathan C. Boles, John S. Erickson, Spencer Norris