Linking Open Government Data

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Research Areas: Future Web
Principal Investigator: Jim Hendler and Deborah L. McGuinness
Co Investigator:
Concepts: Web Science
The LOGD project investigates the role of Semantic Web technologies, especially Linked Data, in producing, enhancing and utilizing government data published on and other websites. Large portion of government data published on the Web are not necessarily ready for mashups. The Tetherless World Constellation (TWC) is now publishing over 8 billions RDF triples converted from hundreds of government-related datasets from and other sources (e.g. financial data, non-US government data) covering a wide range of topics (e.g. government spending, energy usage and public healthcare). We are also get these data inter-linked and building mashups using popular Web tools and APIs.


Fujitsu Laboratories of AmericaLockheed Martin

Project Participants

Principal Investigator:

Jim Hendler

James Hendler is the Tetherless World Professor of Computer and Cognitive Science, and the Assistant Dean for Information Technology and Web Science, at Rensselaer. He is also a faculty affiliate of the Experimental Multimedia Performing Arts Center (EMPAC), serves as a Director of [...]

Deborah L. McGuinness

Dr. Deborah McGuinness is a leading expert in knowledge representation and reasoning languages and systems and has worked in ontology creation and evolution environments for over 20 years. Most recently, Deborah is best known for her leadership role in semantic web research [...]

Co Investigator:


Dominic DiFranzo

PhD Computer Science student working on the Semantic Web, Social Machines and Linked Open Data

John S. Erickson

John S. Erickson, Ph.D. has spent over two decades studying the unique social, legal, and technical problems that arise when managing and disseminating information in the digital environment. Currently Director of Research Operations at the Rensselaer Institute for Data Exploration and Application [...]

Tim Lebo

I joined the Tetherless World Constellation in January 2010 as a Cognitive Science Ph.D. student under Deborah McGuinness. Part of my research objectives include identifying, incorporating, and extending theories for visualization so that visual artifacts produced may be concretely evaluated for t [...]

Gregory T. Williams

Greg graduated with his PhD in May of 2013 from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's Tetherless World Constellation. His research focused on optimization techniques for efficient distributed query processing over Semantic Web data.