Health on the Web

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Research Areas: Knowledge Provenance, Health Informatics
Principal Investigator: Joanne S. Luciano and Deborah L. McGuinness
Co Investigator:
Concepts: Web Science, Health informatics
The Tetherless World Constellation's Health on the Web's primary goal is to explore the next generation web technology needed to improve health. Some current efforts focus on intelligent integration and access of health data, identifcation of data sets, linked data tools for health topics, responses to the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology report to the president on "Realizing the Full Potential of Health Information Technology to Improve Healthcare for Americans: The Path Forward", and consumer access and control of health data.

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Project Participants

Principal Investigator:

Joanne S. Luciano

Dr. Joanne Luciano was with the Tetherless World Constellation from August of 2010 until December 2013 as a Research Associate Professor. Dr. Luciano has played a leading role in the BioPathways Consortium, in the creation and development of BioPAX and the establishment of the W3C initiativ [...]

Deborah L. McGuinness

Dr. Deborah McGuinness is a leading expert in knowledge representation and reasoning languages and systems and has worked in ontology creation and evolution environments for over 20 years. Most recently, Deborah is best known for her leadership role in semantic web research [...]

Co Investigator:


Dominic DiFranzo

PhD Computer Science student working on the Semantic Web, Social Machines and Linked Open Data

Tim Lebo

I joined the Tetherless World Constellation in January 2010 as a Cognitive Science Ph.D. student under Deborah McGuinness. Part of my research objectives include identifying, incorporating, and extending theories for visualization so that visual artifacts produced may be concretely evaluated for t [...]

Jamie McCusker

Jamie McCusker works on Biomedical Semantics. Her current interests are data and provenance interoperability in life sciences. She has worked as a software developer for 11 years in bioinformatics, high performance computing, data mining, natural language processing, and supply chain auditing. [...]

Evan W. Patton

Evan Patton has worked with technology for most of his life in one form or another, and began more rigorous explorations during elementary school on an old Apple IIe computer. Since then, he has explored a variety of topics in computer science, including database systems, networking protocols, syste [...]

Lindsay Poirier

Lindsay Poirier is a cultural anthropologist of data cultures, expertise, and infrastructure. Her work is informed by prior work in the history of computing and of technology, critical data studies, the digital humanities, Science and Technology Studies, and the technical field of information techn [...]

Peter Ragone

Peter was a coterminal student, graduating in May 2011, with his Bachelor's in Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology and a Master's in Multidisciplinary Science. His background including five years practicing medicine in the prehospital environment adds a unique viewpoint on [...]

Diego Regules

Diego Regules is currently a Junior in the Information Technology and Web Science department at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Currently he is working as an Independent Study for credit in the Tetherless World Constellation.

Ping Wang

Ping graduated with her Ph.D in Computer Science from RPI in May of 2012. She was a member of the Tetherless World Constellation and worked on numerous projects within the lab from January 2011 till she graduated. Her research interests include Semantic eScience, Linked Da [...]

Patrick West

Patrick West is a senior full-stack web developer at Workday Inc. He is currently responsible for the design and development of full-stack web applications in support of the various applications provided by Workday including HR and Payroll support applications. Previously Patrick was the princip [...]

Scott Yaninas