Advanced SemTech 2011

Advanced SemTech 2011 Week 3 Notes

Advanced Semantic Technologies: Week 3

Scribe: Peter

Future Scribes

Next Week's scribe: Ping
Week 5: Scott
Week 6: Patrick
Week 7: Tim
Week 8: Dylan


  • Joanne
  • Deborah
  • Patrick
  • Peter
  • Dylan Enloe
  • Eric
  • Jin
  • Scott

Watson Discussion

  • Watson is cool
    • Uses advanced algorithms to scour known documents in order to collect data and organize it in a useful way.
    • Class may end early on Feb 15 (for panel discussion @ EMPAC)
    • Jeopardy (Watson vs.

Advanced Semantic Technologies 2011 Participants


  • Deborah McGuinness
  • Joanne Luciano


  • Dylan Enloe
  • Eric Rozell
  • Jin Guang Zheng
  • Joanne Luciano
  • Patrick West (Sitting In)
  • Peter Ragone
  • Ping Wang
  • Scott Yaninas
  • Tim Lebo

Sample AST Page

This page should be editable by members of the AST group.

Advanced SemTech 2011 Week2 Notes

Adavanced Semantic Technologies 2011 Week 2

"Snow advisory in effect"

Scriber: Jin Zheng
Next Week Scriber: Peter


  • Eric Rozell
  • Jin Zheng
  • Tim Lebo
  • Deborah McGuinness (dlm @
  • Joanne Luciano (jluciano @
  • Evan
  • Peter
  • Scott
  • Patrick "Smiley" West
  • Ping
  • Dylan (Remote)

Class Discussion/Notes

  • Post homework on the course web page, both presentation and write up

Course Website discussion

  • Problem: can't pull all hws, readings.

Week 14 May 10, 2011: Final Presentation Slides and Write up

In this class we will have the presentations of the final projects.

  • Final project presentation.
  • All groups have write ups due. Each group needs to submit one group writeup. It should include the sections typical to any research paper submission:

Week 11 April 14, 2011: Grant Proposal Writing and Reviewing Workshop

Name Format Link Name Format Link

5PM - 7:50 *** NOTE: Date and time change *** Grant Proposal Workshop

Week 13 May 3, 2011: Guest Lectures

Guest Lecturer: Tim Clark
Title: Dynamic Semantic Metadata on Web Resources in Biomedicine [Download]
Guest Lecturer: Alyssa Goodman
Title: The Visual Display of Information: The Art of Numbers"

Reading Assignment for this class:

Written Assignment for this class:

Week 10 April 5, 2011: Guest Lecture - Anita de Waard, Elsevier

Advanced Semantic Technologies (Spring 2011) Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Stories that persuade with data [Download]
The Future of the Journal? [Download]
From Proteins to Fairytales [Download]

‘Stories, That Persuade With Data: the research paper, and the knowledge within'
Anita de Waard, Disruptive Technologies Director, Elsevier Labs,

Week 9 March 29, 2011: Translational Medicine Ontology and Knowledge Base - from the perspective of semantic technologies

This week we will discuss the Translational Medicine Ontology and Knowledge Base paper.

Revised TMO Paper [Download]

titanpad for today

Topics to discuss:

(a) The problems addressed in the paper

(b) The Semantic technologies that were used

(c) Discussion of the benefit of semantic technologies in grounded example showing something that would be hard to do without semantic technologies.
(e) claims that you expect to include in your write up.

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