SPCDIS Working Group - MLSO Provenance Capture Infrastructure

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Overview of MLSO Data Ingest Pipeline

describe MLSO data ingest pipeline (with diagrams)

Provenance Capture Strategy

describe overall provenance capture strategy (with diagrams)

In-situ Provenance Capture

describe logging of provenance via custom IDL functions

  • describe provenance logging function calls
  • examples of logging statements added to IDL scripts
  • example log content

Provenance RDF Generation

describe generation of RDF from provenance logs

  • ontologies we using to represent provenance and science concepts in RDF
  • our translation/mapping
  • what we use to perform the translation
  • example provenance log content and translated provenance RDF

Provenance Storage and Access Strategy

describe our persistent triplestore and sparql strategy (will have overlap with visualization WG)

  • triplestore and sparql endpoint we are using
  • how we get RDF into the triplestore
  • example provenance-themed queries to extract