Questionnaire on Provenance Usage in Solar Physics community

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To get a better idea of what kinds of provenance/metadata Solar Physicists need/use, Patrick, Stephan and James developed a questionnaire for distribution at HAO and affiliated informatics groups (HAOQuestionnaire.doc [Download]).

We made this survey available online at, and announced it through a few email listings (HAO's Staff Notes Daily and SolarNews lists, as well as the BESSIG's (Boulder Earth and Space Science Informatics Group) mailing list).

However, only two people responded during the summer. We may consider re-announcing the survey later on, if we still need this information.

Analysis - Patrick West

  • This could just mean that no one at HAO is seriously considering provenance capture at this time. They've never used it, never "needed" it, don't have the resources to allocate to such a task, just aren't interested in it.