SPCDIS Working Groups

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COMP Parallel Data Pipeline

Logs to RDF Converter

Presentation Interface

HAO Questionnaire

Old Working Groups

MLSO Observer Comments - Harvest and Provenance Capture

CHIP GBU Processing

Document HAO Data Pipelines

PML Wrapper Services

  • members: Stephan Zednik, Jitin Arora, Leonardo Salayandia
  • description: Generate wrapper code to assist in the automatic capture and representation as a PML instance of
    • workflow execution
    • observer log content
    • process log content
    • event log content
    • data quality tags (Good, Bad, Ugly - GBU)
    • data products
    • process artifacts

Domain, Process, and Provenance Concept Capture

Search by Provenance Metadata

Visualization and User Interaction

MLSO Provenance Capture Infrastructure