SPCDIS Requirements

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Domain Data

The following are domain data that will be used, searched and visualized.

  • FITS Images
  • Generated quick-look GIF
  • Generated movies



  • mediate different dialects of FITS keyword names
  • allow access to legacy FITS keyword names/ values


  • standard used by large communities (e.g. astronomy) for more than 20 years
  • a FITS file encoded data
  • a FITS file has embedded FITS metadata
  • FIST metadata is created and updated together with FITS file
  • FITS metadata may not grow monotonically, it is up to the curators' option whether to overwrite or add
  • non-standard keywords are contributed by different community as dialects, these dialects may use the same keyword.
  • users can use general purpose APIs (in C, C++, Java, IDL) to extract FITS data and metadata


  • Keyword-value pairs


  • only six required keywords
  • a lot others are defined by conventions carried by individual owners



  • encode the log into metadata, interlink logs
  • goal - get a parser to extract structure of logs


  • not part of FITS, no relation with FITS file or metadata
  • three types of logs generated at difference location by difference persons:
    • event log(local, human), http://mlso.hao.ucar.edu/cgi-bin/mlso_events.cgi
    • processing log (local, program), [todo]we don't have it in hand
    • observer log (Hawaii, program + human) http://mlso.hao.ucar.edu/cgi-bin/mlso_logs.cgi


  • semi-structured text (machine generated ones)


  • log content may be interlinked by provenance. The event log may have a line about weather and that is concluded from the weather information from the observer log. (see scenario1)

Workflow Data


  • not documented to date - we are generating detailed documentation
  • use Omnigraffle and WDO as tools for this effort
  • are considering Kepler for a workflow engine along with service encapsulation of processes

Search and Query


  • enable better search for data products (primarily images)


  • VSTO search: a database based UI has been provided for users to retrieve images. http://www.vsto.org/forward.htm?forward=data

PF: still updating this section


  • search for FITS data (e.g.RAW image) using some the FITS metadata (date) and some provenance metadata (generated by which instrument)
  • query FITS metadata for the temperature of a certain date.


  • search for the following data
    • FITS image, QL image, and generated Movies,

 Image  (return:   name;  image:   url: )
 Movie  (return: name:  image:

    • sources such as person, and instrument

 Person  (return:   name:   image:   homepage )

  • search/query on the following dataset
    • FIST metadata
    • workflow log
  • friendly query interface
    • auto-completion on generating query - freebase.com
  • friendly result rendering
    • display type, name, uri (data; metadata; image of data),
    • show why there is a hit (part of the metadata?)
    • use taxomony to filter results
    • follow-up links (use web service to browse the data and metadata) .e.g. IWbrowser; probeIt
    • one URI for one artifact, multiple SW instances associated with it.

Visualization and User Interaction


  • support domain specific rendering for domain experts.