SPCDIS Meeting Notes May 29, 2012

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General Meeting Information


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Past Action Items

Action Items

  • Sapan: kick off cron automatically every 5 minutes
  • PW: ask Leonard if we can be notified when they run the pipeline, how often is there a new raw file
  • PW: make spcdis user an ldap user, thereby giving access to orion, and use of sftp and/or scp
  • PW: next meeting


Running the Pipeline

Our pipeline is kicked off manually. Need to have it run automatically.
Sapan takes care of knowing if he's already run a particular data file.

1. load a file that contains the raw file names we are or have processed, spcdis.run
2. the file contains a line for each file
3. read in the entire file
4. the script sees if the new file is in the list, and if not, adds it to the file and runs the pipeline against the file

draco to orion

  • see action item above for spcdis user

orion to leo

on leo

  • Naveen: not sure where the triple store is running, what port is being forward to vserver
  • not sure if triple store is running on vserver. /usr/local/bin/ - This is the path where I checked. Restarted and checked it.
  • need to verify that it's running on the vserver
  • what port is bridged to that running triple store


  • No Progress has been made