SPCDIS Sprint May 01, 2012

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Welcome to TitanPad!

General Meeting Information


  • Running pipeline
  • Example Logs and RDF
  • Status


  • Stephan
  • Patrick
  • Sapan
  • Naveen
  • James
  • Jay

Past Action Items

Action Items

  • JM: Create trac tickets for IDL code issues
  • JM: Send Leonard email re: '/dc' asing where it comes from / how it is loaded
  • Sapan: unzip the log files and put into subversion in https://scm.escience.rpi.edu/svn/private/projects/SPCDIS/trunk/samples/logs
  • Sapan: modify the RDF generator to save RDF in an RDF file
  • Naveen: be able to load the RDF generated file into his development triple store, run the query, use the xsl, generate xhtml, and compare that against expected results
  • Sapan: run 1-day of comp data through draco pipeline, save provenance logs and provenance RDF (as files)
    • depends on fixing IDL pipeline above
  • Sapan: go through code and find where logging is done, take those comments and put into drupal pages
  • PW: sftp from draco to orion
  • Sapan: finish crobjob, add zip stage


  • created ticket for IDL issue https://scm.escience.rpi.edu/trac/ticket/1124
    • might be an environmental issue, a startup script that Leonard or someone has when IDL starts up
    • Need to check with Leonard
  • example provenance log and provenance RDF, XSL, SPARQL, CSS
    • examples from June 29th
    • XHTML mockup - http://www.cs.rpi.edu/~michaj6/CoMP_XSLT/CoMP.xhtml
    • log - ???
    • RDF - (see source of XHTML)
    • SPARQL - https://scm.escience.rpi.edu/svn/private/projects/SPCDIS/trunk/CoMP_XSLT/CoMP.rq
    • XSL - https://scm.escience.rpi.edu/svn/private/projects/SPCDIS/trunk/CoMP_XSLT/CoMP.xsl
    • CSS - https://scm.escience.rpi.edu/svn/private/projects/SPCDIS/trunk/CoMP_XSLT/CoMP.css
    • https://scm.escience.rpi.edu/trac/browser/private/projects/SPCDIS/trunk/CoMP_XSLT

Samples need to go here:
This will include the sample log files, the sample rdf files generated from the log files, and any other sample data. These files can be used as tests, baselines, etc...