RDF Record Designs (CoMP)

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In Summer, 2011 an RDF design for CoMP's intensity filtergrams was developed (GIF [Download]). The record design was developed to enable the presentation of the following information to scientists:

1) A listing of files tied to a product (e.g., GIF, FITS), as well as processing steps and applied quality metrics.
2) Elements from FITS headers, where applicable.

These elements may eventually be used as part of a faceted search interface for data products at HAO.

The following elements are incorporated into the current design:

1) Observation details - which link the data product to a CoMP observation activity. This leverages the VSTO ontology, as well as two ontologies being used at RPI for formally encoding instrument observations: (i) Observations & Measurements (O&M) [1], and (ii) an ontology derived from O&M called the Solar-Terrestrial Observations & Measurements (STOM). STOM is designed to aid in combining O&M concepts with those defined in VSTO.
2) Data quality - this helps describe quality metrics applied by HAO to data products (such as GBU). Here, an ontology developed at RPI - called the Data Quality ontology - is used.
3) Provenance - this provides an overview of steps taken to derive the data product. Currently, the Open Provenance Model (OPM)[2] is used to represent provenance concepts.
4) Processing Activities - a form of provenance annotation, used to describe activities within a process. Here, a processing activity is said to be "part of" a general process.

These records are based on the following support ontologies:

vsto.owl [Download] - The VSTO ontology
stom.owl [Download] - Solar-Terrestrial Observations & Measurements (STOM)
om2.owl [Download] - Observations & Measurements (O&M)
dq.owl [Download] - Data quality (DQ)
opmo-20101012.owl [Download] - the Open Provenance Model (OPM)
pipeline.owl [Download] pipeline.owl - provides concepts for representing various kinds of data generated by HAO's pipelines
CoMP.owl [Download] CoMP.owl - provides a set of CoMP-specific concepts
foaf.owl [Download] - the Friend of a Friend ontology. used to represent contact persons referenced in the RDF records.

[1] http://www.opengeospatial.org/standards/om
[2] http://openprovenance.org/