NESDAA Project Partners

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Project Participants

Principal Investigator:

Peter Fox

Peter Fox is a Tetherless World Constellation Chair and Professor of Earth and Environmental Science, Computer Science and Cognitive Science at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Fox directs the Insitution-wide interdisciplinary Information Technology and Web Science program. Previously, he was Chie [...]

Dennis Ward

Co Investigator:


Steven Aulenbach

Steve Aulenbach is a research scientist at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) and the U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP).

Wendy Gram
Joanne S. Luciano

Dr. Joanne Luciano was with the Tetherless World Constellation from August of 2010 until December 2013 as a Research Associate Professor. Dr. Luciano has played a leading role in the BioPathways Consortium, in the creation and development of BioPAX and the establishment of the W3C initiativ [...]

Heather Powell
Han Wang

Han Wang is pursuing his Ph.D. in the Multidisciplinary Science (MDSC) program at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) with Prof. Peter Fox and Prof. Jim Hendler. He has been working on research and projects in the areas of Semantic eScience and X-informatics.

Brian Wee
Patrick West

Patrick West is a senior full-stack web developer at Workday Inc. He is currently responsible for the design and development of full-stack web applications in support of the various applications provided by Workday including HR and Payroll support applications. Previously Patrick was the princip [...]

James Wilson
Stephan Zednik

Stephan Zednik is a Senior Software Engineer with the Tetherless World Constellation at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. His research interests include researcher collaboration networks, quality representation and semantics, and provenance representation from data science tools. Stephan partici [...]