NESDAA Calendar

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  • Roadmap - as of Sept 7, 2011 (update the date when you make changes to the roadmap)
    • Use Case Diagram
    • Use Cases
      • Use Case 1: Stream Ecosystem Health (draft)

Use Case 1 will enable stream ecosystem exploration by incorporating the following sub use cases.

        • Use Case 1a: Browsing Knowledge Base
        • Use Case 1b: Dataset Discovery
        • Use Case 1c: Data Access
        • Use Case 1d: Data Products
    • Information Modeling

Creating the list of concepts and the relationships between the concepts. For example, stream ecosystem is an ecosystem with health indicators, i.e. there are two concepts and a relationship to a third.

      • Scheduled for in-person meeting at NEON in Boulder for October 12-14. Meeting format is 1/2 day, 1 full day, 1/2 day.