Related Research

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Work by NMFS/NEFSC partners:
NES LME Ecosystems Status Report: ESR 2009, ESR 2011
Ecosystem considerations
Ecosystem Advisory
2010 white paper on EBFM, prepared by the Scientific and Statistical Committee of the New England Fishery Management Council
2008 NOAA Technical Memorandum NMFS-NWFSC-92, Integrated Ecosystem Assessments

Other RPI TWC project that involves environmental indicators and DPSIR ontology development
Direct link to Han Wang's March 2012 presentation

USGS Working Sessions on Use Cases for Semantic-Web Development

European Commission working paper SEC 2011 1255: "Relationship between the initial assessment of marine waters and the criteria for good environmental status"

Citations for other published work related to ECO-OP:
Curtice, C., Dunn, D. C., Jason J. Roberts, Carr, S. D., & Halpin, P. N. (2012) Why Ecosystem-Based Management May Fail without Changes to Tool Development and Financing. BioScience, 62(5), 508–515.

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Shin, Y.-J., and the IndiSeas Working Group (2012) Global in scope and regionally rich: an IndiSeas workshop helps shape the future of marine ecosystem indicators. Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries, 1-11, Springer Netherlands.

Svarstad, H. et al. (2008) Discursive biases of the environmental research framework DPSIR. Land Use Policy 25, 116-125.

EBM Tools

You may be interested in: EBM Tools Database
MGET - marine geospatial ecology tools
this tool is for DPSIR
EBM Article in BioScience
Excerpt from Curtice et al. (2012) (1st p., 2nd para.): "Successful implementation of EBM requires managers to perform a large array of tasks, including gathering, managing, analyzing, visualizing, and summarizing information; ..."
These are the lower three ovals in their Fig. 1:
EBM Tools Tasks

Ecosystem indicators

Ecosystem Service Indicators Database (ESID)

Note that they link drivers and pressures to ecosystem services