Congrui (Corey) Li

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Congrui Li
Contact Info

Corey is a PhD student in Computer Science at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. My research interest is data analytics and visualization using various techniques such as machine learning and data mining.

Project Collaborator

DOfAMP Project LogoDeveloping Ontologies for Additive Manufacturing Processes (DOfAMP)
Principal Investigator: Jim Hendler
Co Investigator: Peter Fox
Description: We propose the development of the field of materials processing ontology so that the US establishes leadership in this critical technological arena. The goal is the development of a framework, language and algorithm set for organizing and categorizing the myriad relationships between materials processing, properties and structure. No ubiquitous framework currently exists for relating materials processing parameters to properties and structure that translates across multiple materials fields and technologies. In essence, an advanced “Dewey Decimal System” is needed for materials processing, such that data and knowledge that is developed in one materials processing technology can cross-pollinate across other materials technologies.