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To solve our greatest challenges we need a 21st century update to scholarly communication. Our mission is to efficiently publish the world's knowledge. We do this through Internet-scale innovation and Open Access licensing to save your time, your money, and to maximize recognition of your contributions. We aim to drive the costs of publishing down for the academic community, while improving the overall publishing experience, and providing authors with a publication venue suitable for the 21st Century. We have two peer-reviewed publications: "PeerJ" serving the Biological and Medical sciences and "PeerJ Computer Science." Additionally we publish "PeerJ Preprints", which is an innovative "preprint server" covering both Biology and Computer Science. Authors can pay either a low-cost per article publication fee (i.e. APC) or for a lifetime publishing membership, which gives them the ability to publish their articles with us for free. The Q&A + annotations platform provides a second route to recognizing contributions for knowledge-share.