NASA Advanced Information Systems Technology

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The objectives of the AIST program are to identify, develop and (where appropriate) demonstrate advanced information system technologies which:
  • Reduce the risk, cost, size, and development time of Earth Science Division (ESD) space-based and ground-based information systems,
  • Increase the accessibility and utility of science data, and
  • Enable new observation measurements and information products.

Sponsored Projects:

TW LogoMulti-Sensor Data Synergy Advisor (MDSA)
Principal Investigator: Peter Fox
Description: Augment Giovanni, the Goddard online tool for data access, visualization and analysis, with semantic web technologies and ontologies to support data inter-comparisons from different sensors or models. Data provenance (i.e. the essential data parameter details, quality and production caveats) will be added to enable researchers to make valid data comparisons and draw quantitative conclusions on specific analysis (e.g. ocean fertilization due to acid rain). In the resulting Giovanni framework, the dataset variable characteristics and related quality can be encoded so that inter-comparison rules can be derived.