Ontology Engineering 2016 CHEAR Team - Getting Involved

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We welcome any and all feedback and collaboration on this ongoing effort. Here are some ways you can get involved:

Maintenance Policy

We have placed the Ontology in a repository in github. This makes it easy for the general public to reuse and modify the ontology. In order to reuse the ontology, one can fork the ontology and make the changes. Making comments on the commits and maintaining a record of version changes, will help in improving ontology management. Pull requests in github can also be used to discuss issues in the ontology. We will add a forum to the project website, where people can start discussions like addition of information to the ontology, suggest major revisions to the ontology etc. One of the policies we would like to enforce is to always have the changes made in a branch and merging the changes into the master branch of the ontology requires admin permission. This way nothing is changed without the owners of the ontology knowing. More detailed ontology evolution procedure will be discussed and the maintenance policy will be updated. Anyone who wants to keep to up to date with the ontology and its changes can simply add themselves to the “Watchlist” of the github repository.


Github Repository

Discussion Forum

CHEAR Project Discussion Forum