Ontology Engineering 2016 CHEAR Team - Conceptual Model

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Conceptual Models

High-Level Overview of the 2016 CHEAR Class Project Questionnaire Ontology

Questionnaires are commonly used as methods of collecting information in epidemiological studies. The answers/knowledge collected from these questionnaires (sometimes referred to as instruments) are then used in analysis. Below, we provide high-level descriptions of our conceptual models. We discuss how the ontology provides an initial template for modeling epidemiological questionnaires.
Class CHEAR Model
CHEAR Graph [Download]


Our ontology includes a representation of the notion of a question. We encoded the entire question as seen in a survey as an instance. We include a question class, with subclasses differentiated based on the types of questions asked. We also include a subject class, which has many subclasses based on the topics that the questions address. The subject class is relatively granular (and can easily be extended to be more granular), and we use the object property “hasSubject” to map each question (instance) to an instance of type subject. This helps the user obtain information concerning the different questions asked in a specific questionnaire for a specific study. This property is useful when comparing topics and questions used in different studies. This helps to support queries over many different studies and the approaches they use.
Conceptual Model for Questions [Download]


Body Measure and Body Composition Calculations information models are based on the instruments used to obtain the measurements. We define an object property “calculatedFrom”, which maps Body Composition Calculations and Body Measures. This is used to model Body Composition-related information and allows us to link Body Measures and Body Composition Calculations. We can also use these links to infer relationships that may not be directly visible at a glance.
Conceptual Model for Measurements [Download]

Full Conceptual Model

Conceptual Model [Download]