TWC ApartNet

TWC ApartNet is a social network-based tool to help RPI graduate students and others find housing advice and learning about solutions that meet their needs from their peers.

TWC ApartNet should include features such as:

  • A page for off-campus housing options for incoming students where current students can post their own experiences and does and don'ts.
  • Feedback on what communities, landlords etc should be avoided.
  • Driven and implemented by students

A problem TWC ApartNet will solve: instead of every time someone sending out individual emails to current/past students asking for advice, it's much better if this information is readily available on the web for public viewing.

TWC ApartNet will be "seeded" by all current/past students/post-docs of TWC. They will put where they lived and any good/bad experiences. This can be a demonstrator to RPI authorities of the need for this service campus-wide.