Semantic Provenance Capture in Data Ingest Systems (SPCDIS)

The goal of this project is to develop at the RPI Tetherless World Constellation, based within the NCAR High Altitude Observatory and in collaboration with the University of Texas at El Paso, the University of Michigan and McGuinness Associates a semantically-enabled data ingest capability. The project is entitled: Semantic Provenance Capture in Data Ingest Systems (SPCDIS). Initially, we will limit our focus to a set of solar coronal physics instruments, but over time, we will target the broader area of solar and solar-terrestrial physics. The provenance work will include domain-independent portions geared for any data ingest system as well as a domain-literate module aimed at solar and solar-terrestrial physics.


  • To document the pipeline system which collects and integrates various data and metadata.
  • The curation metadata are recorded by different parties at different location using different vocabularies
  • We plan to build a new web services (for processing of the data) based on workflow system (not specified)
  • To ask and answer relevant use cases from a variety of end-user roles

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