Data Quality Screening Service


  • Make data quality information easy to use for the water cycle community

    • Expert and non-specialist users alike

    • Human and machine users alike
  • Connect users seamlessly to best practices in data quality handling, i.e., the science team recommendations for quality screening (filtering)
  • Enable higher and more correct utilization of data quality indicators in data analysis

Quality Screening Process

Total Column Precipitable Water from Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS) near Madagascar, 4 Jun 2009


  • Implement easy-to-use Web Service

    • Users invoke as a Universal Resource Locator (URL)
    • Encodes science team recommendations into service
  • Describe quality fields and recommendations in an ontology for extensibility, reusability and machine readability
  • Support both server-side and user-side screening
    • Server-side screens data before sending
    • User-side supplies quality mask and portable tools for screening on the user’s computer


Ed Olsen, NASA/JPL; Bruce Vollmer, Robert Wolfe, Shahin Samadi, NASA/GSFC; Peter Fox, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Key Milestones

  • Release 1.0 (AIRS): Complete
  • Release 1.1 (MODIS Water Vapor): 1/2011
  • Release 1.2 (MODIS Aerosols): 4/2011
  • Release 1.3 (OMI Level 2): 5/2011
  • Release 1.4 (MLS Level 2): 6/2011
  • Release 2.0 (Refactor): 9/2011

TRL in = 7 TRL current = 7

Work Plan (PDF)