Provide online environment for convenient access to:

  • Satellite and ground-based aerosol data
  • Quality information and provenance
  • Calibration/validation data

Provide multi-sensor services:

  • Multi-sensor and model intercomparison
  • Cross-sensor bias adjustment
  • Data merging

Create collaborative environment for aerosol researchers to share
ideas, workflows and results


Differences between various methods of aggregating aerosol dataGlobal MODIS Terra Aerosol Optical Depth for 2003 (over land and
ocean) computed using different weighting methods


  • Use ontology to capture differences in data measurements and
    processing (leverage ESTO MDSA)
  • Use Level 2 Aerosol data to generate customized Level 3
  • Filter by Quality and Ancillary parameters (leverage ACCESS
  • Use validation data (leverage ACCESS MAPSS)
  • Use linear and non-linear regression for cross-sensor bias
  • Adjust for Cross-sensor Bias
  • Integrate Aerosol Data Provenance (MDSA and Kepler)
  • Integrate the workflow system with the Collaborative


Chris Lynnes, NASA/GSFC; Rob Levy, SSAI/GSFC; David Lary,
JCET/UMBC/GSFC; Peter Fox, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Key Milestones

  • Use Cases and Overall Design 03/10
  • MDSA and Kepler provenance consolidation 07/10
  • Beta Release: Aeronet-referenced with validation visualization
    and initial collaborative environment 10/10
  • Add bias adjustment 01/11
  • Cross-sensor w/bias adjustment & merging 03/11
  • Cross-sensor w/non-linear bias adjustment & merging
  • Community feedback release 09/11
  • Refactored release for Long term & Maintenance &
    Operations 12/11

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