Emily Klein

Emily Klein
Ph.D. 2023
Loaded Language and Conspiracy Theorizing
Advisor: Jim Hendler

Email: kleine5@rpi.edu

Emily received a Ph.D. in Cognitive Science from Rensselaer, having been advised by Dr. James Hendler. Her dissertation research focused on blending natural language processing with insights from cognitive science to better understand and address real-world social phenomena like conspiracy theories.

Emily’s research lies at the intersection of computational social science, linguistics, and natural language processing. She is interested in leveraging AI to address social issues, especially those affecting vulnerable populations.

Emily holds a Master of Science from RPI with a focus on corpus development methodologies in service of building a practical and theoretical understanding of metaphor usage in natural language. She also holds a Bachelor of Architecture from RPI. Her professional experience ranges from graphic design to grant-writing, where she applied skills in mapping, data analysis, and writing to aid in developing plans that benefit low- and moderate-income people to meet urgent community development needs.

Emily likes to spend time with her fiancé and two cats. She can be found out in the garden or decorating and subsequently re-decorating her home.

Homepage: https://www.emilyklein.net

Projects as Research Assistant

This is a program led by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which is developing a schema-based AI system that can identify complex events and bring them to the attention of users.