Feifei Pan

FeiFei Pan
Ph.D. 2022
End-to-End Question Answering on Semi-Structured Tabular Data
Advisor: Peter Fox and Jim Hendler

Email: panf2@rpi.edu

Feifei Pan is a Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science advised by Prof. James Hendler. Her research focuses on Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. She is a recipient of the IBM AI Horizon Fellowship.

Feifei’s research focuses on integrating machine learning techniques to analyze, understand and visualize geoscience data. She has collaborated closely with scientists from the Geophysical Laboratory of Carnegie Institution for Science. They have worked together to predict the chemical compositions of Earth and Martian minerals.

Feifei’s current research interests lie in natural language processing. She has conducted research on taxonomy induction and table question answering tasks. Feifei spends her free time on movies, reading, and, most importantly, pets. She takes care of four furry friends adopted from different shelters over the years, with their initials as IEEE.