Brenda Thomson

Brenda Thomson

Brenda is a Ph.D. student in Multidisciplinary Science and a Graduate Research Assistant advised by Dr. Karyn Rogers. Her dissertation work explores impacts of language used to express Hadean atmospheric conditions using natural language processing and linguistics to provide better assimilation of experimental settings in Origin of Life research.

Brenda’s research spans data science, natural language processing, and data policy. Her interests include data quality, data bias, and their respective impacts on society.

Brenda holds a Master of Science from RPI in Human Computer Interaction and Web Science. She returned to her education after a career in Information Technology, where her work involved business development, data transformation, and designing, building, and maintaining small business networks.

Brenda enjoys spending time with her husband and two adult children when life permits. She is always up for a cup of coffee, an outdoor adventure, or a trip around the racetrack.