TWed Talk: Jamie McCusker on "Splitting the World With My Grandfather's Axe"

Posted October 9, 2023
"Splitting the World With My Grandfather's Axe"
TWed Talk: Jamie McCusker on "Splitting the World With My Grandfather's Axe"
6p Weds 11 Oct 2023 Winslow 1140
Pizza and salads at 5:45p

TITLE: "Splitting the World With My Grandfather's Axe"
LEADER: Jamie McCusker
WHEN: 6p, Weds, 11 Oct 2023 (pizza & salads at 5:45)
WHERE: Winslow 1140
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Knowledge graphs rely on representations of discrete entities. This approach builds on the tradition of symbolic logic, but is only an often useful abstraction over reality. The paradox of the Ship of Theseus and the problem of personal identity demonstrate that reality is more complex and continuous. We will discuss the challenges and approaches with reconciling an entity-oriented knowledge representation approach with a continuous reality. We will also discuss the evolutionary source of our bias towards current perceptions.

Jamie McCusker is the Director, Data Operations for the Tetherless World Constellarion. Her research focus is in knowledge graph engineering, ontologies, provenance, and systems biology.

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Snacks will be provided.

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