TWed Lightning Talks (Spring 2023)

Posted April 20, 2023
TWed Lightning Talks (Spring 2023)
TWed Lightning Talks (Spring 2023)
6p, Tues, 25 Apr 2023 (Pizza & Pies at 5:30p)

TWed Lightning Talks (Spring 2023) 
When: Tues, 25 Apr (6p) 
In-person: Winslow 1140 
Pizza, pie, etc.: Starting at 5:30p 
Who: THIS IS AN "ALL HANDS" for TWC grad students; this means ALL students of Hendler/McGuinness/Seneviratne! 


Plan to join us TUES, 25 Apr for a very special TWed as the Tetherless World Constellation holds our end-of-term Graduate Research "Lightning Talks." TWed Lightning Talks are a great way for the TWC community and friends to learn of the wide range of amazing research happening in the Tetherless World, and "a good time is had by all!" 

BACKGROUND: Lightning talks are VERY short (2-3 minutes) summaries by our students of current research work, with NO SLIDES and only brief "crib notes." 

"The point (of a lightning talk) is to make a point, and explain it as quickly (and clearly) as possible. That's it..." Don't get caught up in the whole idea of providing background information or explaining other issues.

HOW TO PREPARE: See this helpful guide, but remember that there will be NO SLIDES for your talk; lightning talks are about YOU clearly describing YOUR work with no props! 

* Pizza, salads and pies will be available at 5:30p 
* THIS IS AN "ALL HANDS" for TWC grad students; this means ALL students of Hendler, McGuinness and Seneviratne! 
* We have an "APOLOGIES" section on the form. TWCers if you can't be there that Weds, put your name there... 
* Sign-ups at: 

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