RPI Undergraduate Researchers win Best Poster at WebSci'19!

Posted August 1, 2019
RPI Undergraduate Researchers win Best Poster at WebSci'19!
RPI Undergraduate Researchers win "Best Poster" at WebSci'19!

Congratulations to the undergraduate team of Alex Mankowski, Sarah McRae, and Brian Maher, and their mentor John Erickson for winning the "Best Poster" award at WebSci'19 for their poster, Twitter Time Machine: A Multidimensional Immersive Exploration Environment for the TwitterSphere.

Twitter Time Machine (TTM) is an immersive environment for discursive analysis of social media crisis response through multidimensional, interactive analysis. Utilizing curated #BlackLivesMatter (BLM) Twitter data and motivated by previous work that identified and examined interactions between sub-communities in the BLM twittersphere, the Twitter Time Machine integrates network analysis, visualization, multi-channel Twitter stream presentation and content study to create a dashboard to help researchers identify and understand the influence of marginalized counterpublics during event-triggered networked public discourse and debate.

TTM runs on the Rensselaer IDEA Campfire, a multi-user, collaborative, immersive computing interface. Campfire is a desk-height, 10-foot panoramic screen (the Wall) and floor projection (Floor) that users gather around and look into, maintaining contact with one another with no artificial or virtual barriers between themselves as they observe and engage with presentations and applications. Two large monitors adjacent to the Campfire complement the integrated Wall and Floor visualizations with appropriate content, enabling investigators to be fully immersed in their exploratory tasks.

For more information see the poster