Web Science Conference 2010

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We aim to improve accountability of distributed data usage by creating tools to support collaborative online development of scenarios and policy infrastructure.

A number of governments have started to publish their sta- tistical data online. Some of them are adhering to Linked Data principles, others are using other standards which of- ten can be transformed in order to be published as Linked Data.

The unambiguous and effective delivery of data and knowledge on the Web relies heavily on the correct representation and understanding of the associated contexts. However, the current way of encoding data and knowledge on the Web is largely ad hoc.

Linked Data is a steadily growing presence on the Web. In Linked Data, the description of resources can be obtained incrementally by dereferencing the URIs of resources via the HTTP protocol.

Data.gov, a major distributor of raw US government data, has published thousands of raw datasets on the Web for public access. While these datasets provide useful information, their potential has not yet been fully realized due to usability-related issues.

Current social science researchers depend heavily on data to perform analytical studies.