Current Challenges in Cyberinfrastructure

Course Description

This course will explore the breadth of what is meant by cyberinfrastructure and examine the state of the art and open challenges. In addition to discussion of high-performance computing; data, analysis, and visualization; and virtual organizations, the course will touch on the nature of infrastructure, the revolutionary potential of cyberinfrastructure to enable research, education, and societal application, the concept of socio-technical solutions, and designs to provide end-to-end support of the scientific lifecycle.

Course Goals

  • To enable an understanding of the meaning of the term "cyberinfrastructure" and the current state of the art and open challenges
  • To provide an understanding of the potential for cyberinfrastructure as a research and competitiveness tool and of the design and implementation factors that influence how well cyberinfrastructure capabilities enable realization of that potential
  • To enable future cyberinfrastructure developers, users, and stakeholders to construct/evaluate cyberinfrastructure R&D, deployment, and maintenance arguments.
  • To provide an overview of cyberinfrastructure development and deployment best-practices

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