Advanced Semantic Technologies Class Spring 2011

This course will discuss emerging trends in semantic technologies. The course will be organized as a lab meeting in order to provide a solid foundation in all aspects of academic research. The primary objective of the course is to provide students with exposure and experience to conducting academic research, reporting, presenting and proposing research as well as critically reviewing papers and presentations of peers.

Office Hours: By Appointment

Course listing: Advanced Semantic Technologies CSCI 6965-75738 / ITWS 6962-76415


  • Prof. McGuinness: Phone: 518-276-4404, email: dlm at cs dot
  • Prof. Luciano: Phone 518-276-4939, email: jluciano at cs dot

Syllabus / Calendar

Note: Because we are running the classes of this course as lab meetings," this website will change as we go through the course. The details presented here that appear prior to any individual class meeting, are subject to change during that class meeting, at the discretion of the professors. This site is intended to be used for the class activities, as we go through the course. As specific educational needs arise, based on the experience and interest of the students, the level of detail and requirements will be adjusted to meet the needs of the student. Thus, the website will be updated after each class to maintain it as an accurate record of course content.


Academic Integrity

Student-teacher relationships are built on trust. For example, students must trust that teachers have made appropriate decisions about the structure and content of the courses they teach, and teachers must trust that the assignments that students turn in are their own. Acts, which violate this trust, undermine the educational process. The Rensselaer Handbook of Student Rights and Responsibilities defines various forms of Academic Dishonesty and you should make yourself familiar with these. In this class, all assignments that are turned in for a grade must represent the student's own work. In cases where help was received, or teamwork was allowed, a notation on the assignment should indicate your collaboration and list collaborators by name. Submission of any assignment that is in violation of this policy will result in a penalty. If found in violation of the academic dishonesty policy, students may be subject to two types of penalties. The instructor administers an academic (grade) penalty, and the student may also enter the Institute judicial process and be subject to such additional sanctions as: warning, probation, suspension, expulsion, and alternative actions as defined in the current Handbook of Student Rights and Responsibilities. If you have any question concerning this policy before submitting an assignment, please ask for clarification.


Attendance Policy

Enrolled students may miss at most one class without permission of instructor. Once one class has been missed (even with permission), all other requests to miss class must be with permission of instructor.

Course: Advanced Semantic Web

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