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Research Areas: Data Frameworks, Semantic eScience
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Concepts: eScience
Tasks for various TWC projects related to data access and the OPeNDAP software products.

What is OPeNDAP?

  1. OPeNDAP: Open-source Project for a Network Data Access Protocol
  2. OPeNDAP is a framework that simplifies all aspects of scientific data networking.
  3. OPeNDAP provides software which makes local data accessible to remote locations regardless of local storage format. OPeNDAP also provides tools for transforming existing applications into OPeNDAP clients (i.e. enabling them to remotely access OPeNDAP served data).

OPeNDAP in Tetherless World

Tetherless has been working with the developers of the next generation OPeNDAP that utilizes a flexible software framework for distribution of information, including but not limited to current OPeNDAP data response objects DAS, DDS, DataDDS, ASCII, Info, and HTML (the old .das, .dds, .dods, .ascii, .info, and .html extensions on the DAP URLs.)

The new framework incorporates a new stand-alone back end server (the BES) that responds to requests made by clients to create data views, access data views (das, dds, etc...), constrain data, aggregate data. The framework is a modular design which allows data providers to implement new data handlers easily, dynamically loading data modules into the BES, new data views, new aggregation methods, new reporting mechanisms, new transmission methods, new ways of providing data catalogs, and more.


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