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Data Science Day Blog Post

June 13th, 2014

The events held during the Data Science Day were quite informative to an intern like me who just joined the Deep Carbon Observatory project. The collaboration between scientists and researchers in the field of Data Science discussing how data is published, used and stored is very relevant to my field of study. With topics such as data management and stewardship touched upon, it helped give an overview about how things are done in the research world.

The talk about how models are built that can simulate the analysis carried out on the data to better understand it, was quite interesting. With many models currently being made, the potential to improve on them is remarkable. The talk about the origin of carbon and the research carried out about the composition and uses of it, was particularly interesting to me as it is completely out of my field of study. It made me realize the amount of data that has been generated for centuries and there is a need to preserve it for the generations to come. A lot of data has been lost due to improper or the lack of preservation. Metadata is equally important and must be documented and preserved.

The breakout session with the Deep Carbon and Deep Life group was particularly informative as the smaller group focused on the questions given. The changes that could be made to the Deep Carbon portal that would assist current users and encourage new users to take part in discussions and sharing of data was discussed at length. This helped address a number of problems and brought out a lot of suggestions from the scientific community. Overall, the ideas exchanged during this session were positive and a move forward for the community as a whole.


Lakshmi Chenicheri
Summer Intern, DCO

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