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ODIP workshop notes – part 1 – a unique viewpoint of data citation

December 20th, 2013

During the last two weeks I’ve been on this exciting journey to attend ODIP workshop #2 plus AGU fall meeting 2013. I’ve been talking with both researchers and managers (definitions will come in a later blog) and taking notes of both what we’ve been talking about and what I’ve been thinking of. This is the first time I feel that I would like to write something so much. I’ll split my stories and thoughts into multiple parts to make each of them really coherent.

So here is the first story, it’s about the process of producing scientific time series data, presented by Justin Buck from BODC at ODIP workshop #2. I cannot find his slides now so I recreated one of his plot in the slides from my memory as follows.


Most of the data are recorded at almost the same time as they are observed, shown as blue crosses in the above figure. Some data are missed at observation time, so they need to be filled in later if possible, shown as green crosses. Finally, corrections are made to the data for various reasons, as the red cross indicates.

Justin presented this data producing process in the context of data citation. He then continued to point out three kinds of data citations based on the ever-changing nature of the data to cite:

  1. cite a time slice, which includes data recording, adding and editing logs within a certain period of time along the time series;
  2. cite a snapshot, which is the “as is” data at a certain time point;
  3. cite the continuum, which includes every change made to the data set up till a certain time.

Very interesting viewpoint of data citation.


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