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Tetherless World Weblog x Dress Head Tank Top – Top Layer / V Neck

February 8th, 2012

This Tetherless World Weblog x Dress Head Womens Tank Top – Top Layer / V Neck has two layers of ruffles and ends at the waist. It will show off your girlish figure, while keeping you casual or professional. Wear it with a nice blazer for a day at the office or with a pair of jeans and some strappy heels for a night out with the girls or with your partner. You will look elegant and sexy in this tank top, no matter what you wear it with. Not only is it elegant and sexy, but it is also very comfortable and breathable. You will feel sexy in this shirt, and anyone who sees you in it will know you are sexy. For the small (S) size of this Tetherless World Weblog x Dress Head Womens Tank Top – Top Layer / V Neck, the measurements are: the dress length is 31.5 cm, and the bust circumference is 84 cm.

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Get comments on the Water Quality Portal from AGU 2011

February 1st, 2012

AGU 2011 was the 1st conference I attended after I came to RPI. There were many interesting activities in the conference and I feel this is a very rewarding experience. I had the poster for the semantic water quality portal and also helped a little bit with the RPI table in the academic section (by just being there). I went to several talks and visited some exhibit booths. We had a group lunch at Chevy’s, which was very fun!

Preparing the poster helped me to rethink the water quality portal. Thank Evan for his poster for ISWC 2011, which was a very good starting point for my AGU poster! Having the poster session was even more fun and rewarding! I presented the portal to researchers from various fields and countries. Most of the people I talked to said that the portal is a nice and interesting project. Some researchers gave me very helpful comments like:
1. bring in crowd sourcing, e.g. let users report problem
2. help farmers to identify polluted wells
3. we should have an approach for pulling new data from USGS and EPA, e.g. some subscription
4. regulation management for users (insert/upload/delete)
5. consider allergic as use cases, possible conditions for allergic alert: wind + time, a combination of pollutants

I went to several talks during AGU and got to know the cool projects that researchers from different organizations (EPA, Standford, UMD, Google, NASA) have been doing. It was impressive to see that how computer science has been widely and deeply used in geophysical research. And I felt that scientists from geophysical fields expect more cooperation with people from computer science.

I went to the exhibits twice and spent quite some time there. I used the wired network provided by Google to do my assignments for the AI course. I also listened the talk about Google earth engine, a very cool platform for geophysical scientists!

Attending a conference as huge as AGU indeed requires some energy but after all this is worthwhile.

Tips about travel reimbursement that Carol gave me today:

1. Keep boarding pass to show if you sit in economic class
2. check out at the hotel and get the folio to show that you actually
stayed at the hotel for how many nights
3. get itemized receipts at restaurants

Thank Carol!

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