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Real-time Twitter filters for ISWC

November 8th, 2010

Real-time social networking services such as Twitter provide compelling use cases for Semantic Web technologies.  Last summer at SemTech, I gave a talk with examples of real-time semantic Twitter feeds powered by SPARQL and Twitter Annotations. While Annotations have not yet been released, they’re not the only way to add SemWeb-friendly structure to social data. The International Semantic Web Conference is a case in point. A reasonable combination of the ISWC 2010 Conference Corpus data assembled by Jie Bao and others, tweet metadata such as author and timestamp, and embedded nanosyntax (that is, hashtags), provide enough structure for useful semantic filtering. To illustrate, I present a general-purpose Web widget which grabs these filtered streams from a generic SPARQL endpoint. Of course, the endpoint needs to expose microblog data modeled in SIOC and FOAF. When applied to the ISWC data, the widget provides real-time views of Twitter conversations which make good use of the background knowledge we have about the conference. So now,

Check out the demo!

SPARQL-based Twitter widget

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