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Graduation day – in haiku

May 18th, 2009

For those interested, I kept a twitter log of my daughter’s graduation — but did it in haiku to make it more interesting — slightly edited and cleaned up – here’s what I’ve got.

Graduation in Haiku

Parents wait and wait
Students anxious in the hall
Commencement is nigh

Pomp and Circumstance
Way too many caps and gowns
precess slowly by

Chairman of trustees
welcomes all to the event
when will he be done?

President makes jokes
then he gets more serious
“we need your money!”

Now they proceed to
honorary doctorates
lots of famous folks

(someone sends a text
it’s a message from my kid:
“Get me out of here!”)

juris causus doc
no one has heard of this guy
must be a donor

Commencement address
starts with funny anecdote
so what else is new?

Speaker’s really good!
Words of hope and cheer – too bad:
grads are all asleep

Cannot see my kid
the talks all go on too long
will it ever end?

A problem with this:
seeing your kid get her degree
means watching the rest

The Prez says the words
the crowd stands up, cheers real loud
kids now have B.A.s

Alma mater sung
speeches made, degrees conferred
graduation’s done

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Wolfram|Alpha vs? Open-linked data

May 5th, 2009

I saw a webinar demo of Wolfram|Alpha given by Stephen Wolfram today — the system is very impressive — (you can read my blog about it on the Nature Network)

One thought struck me – we’re trying to do open-linked data, while what Wolfram has is an impressive engine that uses the “closed” knowledge that lets them do curation, testing and computation.  Sort of like open social networks vs. the many specialized ones — still, he shows what is possible with data and a good computational engine, and I think that will be generally good for all of us “data on the web” types.

(Jim H.)

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