Semantic eScience Meeting February 16, 2015

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General Information

Dates and Speakers

Date Weekday Time Speaker Topic
Feb 02 Monday 11am ET Linyun Fu Ontology Interest Group
Feb 16 Monday 11am ET Stephan Zednik Vocabulary Services
Mar 02 Monday 11am ET
Mar 16 Monday 11am ET
Mar 30 Monday 11am ET
Apr 13 Monday 11am ET
Apr 27 Monday 11am ET
May 11 Monday 11am ET

Possible Speakers and Topics for the first week:

Stephan, etc

Call In

Meeting Password - grasshopper - oh yeah, I remember now

And why is there one in the first place? i dont know - being removed


  • Stephan Zednik (remote)
  • Congrui Li
  • Deborah McGuinness
  • Hao Zhong
  • anirudh prabhu (remote)
  • Patrick (remote) - easily amused
  • momo
  • Han
  • Apurva Kumar Sinha
  • Linyun Fu


  • Around the room (5-10 minutes max) (for people showing up first time?)
  • Anything following up from Ontology list? Linyun Fu (3-5 min)
  • Stephan Zednik: Presenting Vocabulary Services (15 min)
  • Discussion (15-20 min max)
  • Summary and What’s Next (3-5 min max)


  • Ontology group following-ups
    • TWC ontology discussion -- Patrick need feedback NOW!
      • Need a proposal for upgrading the TWC ontology first.
      • Having a group of people interested in writing down ontology best practices.
    • A group for ontology best practices inside TWC.
      • content negotiation
      • where to put our ontologies
      • documentation (LODE,
      • policies, general ones and the ones for specific projects
      • Ontology Best
        - I think this is more TWC ontology best practices at the moment.  lets distinguish between TWC best practices and general ontology best practices
  • The Vocabulary Service presentation is available at

Action Items