Semantic eScience Meeting February 03, 2014

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General Meeting Information


  • Welcome back every one!
  • Peter's vision for the semester
  • Plans of students and the group
  • Ideas for presentations for this meeting?


  • Linyun Fu
  • Han Wang
  • Yu Chen
  • Massimo Di Stefano
  • Marshall X Ma
  • Corey Li
  • Jinguang Zheng
  • Patrick West
  • Peter Fox
  • Matt Ferritto (not attending today)

Past Action Items

Action Items

  • New students in the lab need to send Patrick an email
  • After this meeting, everyone get up and rearrange the tables, one big meeting table so you're facing each other
  • Patrick: add Xixi to escience email list
  • Other students? Katie Chastain?


  • Keep this list from week to week so we know who's presented and who will present. Please sign up if you have a good topic to share with others.
  • Feb. 3, 2014 - Introductions, no presentation
  • Feb. 24, 2014 - Linyun Fu - Data theory (Wickett et al.'s and Mealy's papers)
  • Mar. 10, 2014 - Jin Zheng - thesis
  • Mar. 24, 2014 - Yu Chen - TBD
  • Apr. 14, 2014 - Patrick West - ToolMatch
  • Apr. 28, 2014 - Peter Fox - event calculus


  • Next meeting: Feb. 24, 2nd and 4th Mondays after that.


  • Corey self-intro: Just transferred to CS dept.
  • Anirudh P - ITWS dept. to do MSc project with Peter
  • Matt (absent) another CS MSc student with Peter
  • Linyun, PhD, data portal, ECOOP, GCIS-IMSAP
  • Xiaogang Ma, Post Doc, GCIS-IMSAP, DCO-DS, ECOOP, geoinformatics and data science
  • Jin, PhD, semantic similarity computation
  • Han, PhD, Data Science, DCO
  • Yu, PhD, Data Science, DCO, also visualizations
  • Massimo, software engineer, ECOOP, Open Source software for provenance capture in iPython
  • Patrick, senior software engineer, at beautiful CO, all eScience projects, GCIS-IMSAP, DCO-DS, ECOOP, RDESC, SSIII, OPenDAP Provenance, ToolMatch with ESIP, etc. also the TWC website manager and TWC Sys Admin.
  • Peter, prof at CS and EES depts, RPI

Vision for the semester

  • This is a research meeting, not project meetings
  • Discuss research ideas surrounding escience
  • Plan for one person to give presentation at each meeting on a research topic
  • review/intro of interesting papers, interesting techs, thesis researches
    • dcat
    • w3c prov
    • toolmatch
  • data citation synthesis paper (CODATA, RDA, Force11, ..) Peter to post link.
  • rearrange Winslow 1140 tables into a meeting room style for this semester
  • paper preparation - discuss with group as earlier as possible, DONT wait until the last minute
  • this is eScience meeting, not Fox group meeting, so please also invite Xixi and other graduate students working on eScience projects

Plans for the semester

  • 5 minutes each!
  • Linyun Fu
    • thesis proposal: geoinformatics data portal (data theory and GIS are the two focused topics for this semester)
  • Yu Chen
    • Thesis proposal: Semantic context modeling as a service (for this semester some focused work 1) combing natural language processing with sensor techniques; 2) a prototype with mobile devices -- automatic evernote), a few conference to submit
  • Han Wang
    • work with Yu, focusing on NLP part
  • Jin Zheng
    • Thesis finalization, graduation in May
  • Marshall X Ma
    • contract until mid 2015
    • DCO-DS - the major task
    • ECOOP - finish by the end of summer
    • GCIS-IMSAP - continue project meetings with USGCRP people, but not as tense as last year
    • Publication plans: earth science informatics journal paper due mid March (, DCO-DS publication

Scientific writing chats welcome!

  • Corey Li
    • transition period: will talk to Peter and other PhD students for research topics
  • Arinudh
    • read papers sent by Peter, catch up with eScience members
  • Patrick West
    • OPeNDAP Hyrax provenance (
    • ToolMatch (with ESIP people) (
  • massimo di stefano
    • preparing a paper: collect provenance for project workflow?
    • json-ld, geojson, ipython notebook
    • fast numerical processing & big data in python
  • Peter Fox
    • formal RDF encoding of event calculus (Ankesh) proposal - web-based model for continuous process
    • event calculus for event driven agents